Pieniny Grand Szczawnica, Szczawnica

Our history

For 200 years, a spring amidst nature

For 200 years, the springs have been parts of the curing process of thousands of tourists, from Poland and all over Europe, who have travelled here to benefit from its great healing properties. 

The health resort in Szczawnica started to properly develop in the mid-19th century. Many SPA buildings containing pump rooms were built at that time, along with tourist accommodation. A number of springs with medicinal waters were also discovered. 

The golden age of the health resort were at the beginning of the 20th century, during the time of Count Adam Stadnicki. In that period, the new owner thoroughly modernised the local infrastructure, making Szczawnica a modern and extremely popular resort at a truly world-class level. 

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the Count’s heirs – the Mańkowski family – have been consistently working on restoring the splendour of the former health resort of Szczawnica. The crowning glory of those efforts is the Pieniny Grand project, in which you will find excellent service and top-class design.

Many years of experience in running hotels and a broad knowledge about the world and the heritage of the owners’ family, who are also the creators of the hotel, all help ensure that the guests of Pieniny Grand feel the unusual genus loci of the place.

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