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Pieniny Grand Szczawnica, Szczawnica

Pieniny Grand Szczawnica

Experience the soothing power of nature

Pieniny Grand is the unique place for holistic health & wellness, combining a luxury standard hotel and the knowledge of 200 years of medical experience of the Uzdrowisko Szczawnica (Health Resort).

With its idyllic location on the hill of the Pieniny SPA Resort, stunning views of the valley, rooms and suites fully in touch with nature, a luxurious swimming pool and state-of-the-art Sky bar, the Pieniny Grand will seduce even the most discerning of travellers to lie back, relax and savor the moment. 

Our philosophy

The Pieniny Grand is a strong mix of two profoundly defining aspects: the straightness of its architectural design and the soothing approach of its interior design.

Every single detail: the light, the perspective, the colours, the materials and the smell, works together to make the Pieniny Grand worth the trip. But dig deeper and its serene, cocooning SPA is a good reason to book in for at least a week!  


Overlooking the rolling hills of the Pieniny Mountains and the Dunajec River below, the Pieniny Grand comprises 119 rooms open onto a spectacular view.

The featured décor of light greys and sepia tones reminding the magnificent surroundings, topped with traditional Pieniny colours, offer a seductive blend of style, serenity and comfort. 

Visit our photo gallery and start your journey with Pieniny Grand   

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